Since 2015, we've been helping business by creating and delivering digital products that engage users, transform companies, and bring true value.

In our portfolio of various web applications, you will find solutions for efficient solving of different business problems. We make intelligent automation work for your business, streamlining workflows and integrating apps.

Our business philosophy is to provide highest quality of service, timely delivery of final product and full client satisfaction at competitive cost.

Web Development Services

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Application Development Lifecycle


Do you have a challenging project? We can can help. Define your idea and identify your target audience. You will also need to brainstorm features and functionality for your app.


The research & development stage is where we put your concept into action. We'll choose the right technologies and frameworks and come up with the best and most innovative solutions for your project.


Get ready to see your vision take shape! Imagine the joy of using a system that feels natural and effortless. Seamless navigation, clear information hierarchy, and user-friendly features will be at the heart of each design element for an exceptional user experience.


The project launch is the culmination of all the hard work. We deliver the fully working application and make it available to the public so everybody knows about it and you start generating revenue.


We provide ongoing assistance for your project by fixing bugs and making improvements. You get 30 days FREE maintenance, updates and support to stay up-to-date and secured.

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Frontend Development

We provide frontend development services to create visually appealing and user-friendly web applications. We use HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript frameworks and libraries (Vue, Vuetify, Nuxt) to create the layout and interactive elements of your web application. We also work with you to ensure that your frontend meets your specific needs and requirements.

Backend Development

We provide backend development services to create the server-side logic and data management systems that power your web application. We use a variety of programming languages and technologies, including PHP, Node.js and Python. We also work with you to ensure that your backend is scalable, secure, and efficient.

Database Administration

We provide database administration services to create and manage your web application's database. This includes tasks such as creating and maintaining database schemas, managing user permissions, and monitoring database performance. We also work with you to ensure that your database is backed up regularly and that your data is secure.

API Integration

We provide API integration services to connect your website or web application to third-party APIs. This allows you to access and integrate data from other sources, such as payment processors, social media platforms, and shipping carriers. We work with you to understand your needs and requirements, and we then develop and implement the API integration solution that is right for you.

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Tech Stack

We use the following tech stack of cutting-edge technologies and tools that enables us to build scalable, secure, and user-friendly applications:

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About Us

Our company started back in 2015 as a small yet a versatile team of developers focused on building custom web applications, online software platforms, data analysis and machine learning. We believe that software development is all about creating solutions that are both functional and user-friendly. We don't just focus on the code, we also focus on the user experience. We have a team of experienced and talented web developers and programmers who are passionate about their work. We are committed to providing our clients with the best possible service, and we are always available to answer your questions and help you achieve your goals.

Our team of experienced web developers and programmers has a proven track record of success in creating high-quality, custom web applications for businesses of all sizes. We use the latest technologies and best practices to ensure that our solutions are scalable, secure, and reliable.

If you are interested in learning more about our web development and internet applications programming services, please contact us today. We would be happy to discuss your needs and create a custom solution that meets your specific requirements.


Nikolay Panev

Founder & CEO

We help businesses go digital, and reach out for new opportunities.

Nikolay Panev is the founder and chief executive officer of Digital Developments Ltd. He's also part of the developers team and is an active full-stack developer. Prior to founding the company nine years ago he has worked as a freelance developer for five years. He also has four years of experience as an embedded systems engineer and firmware developer.

Nikolay earned a master's degree in information technologies and a bachelor's degree in computer science from Technical University of Sofia. His interests include electronics, physics and sustainable agriculture.

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